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Warm wishes and welcome to our website! As a prospective client of our vedic astrology and yagya services, I want to give you my promise of excellent service. I have been coordinating yagyas for clients around the world with our esteemed vedic astrologer and pundits for almost 15 years. I travel to meet with our pundit group in Madhya Pradesh, India regularly and we work together to provide high quality service like: vedic astrology consultation, Puja service programs etc..Read More

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Bhavana Pujan Kendra Invites You Vat Savitri Women's Yagya 1 day/1 pundit yagya May 30 $75 1 day/3 pundit yagya May 30 $151 Promote Harmony in Relationship Secure Health & Protection of Partner Blessings for Inner & Outer Beauty Finding a Suitable Life Partner Vat Savitri is a yearly Vedic holiday for women. Vat Savitri Day is named after Savitri an enlightened woman rishi of ancient times who saved her husband from death by her great spiritual power. Yagya on Vat Savitri supports the following intentions: Perfect harmony in your relationship Inner and outer beauty and grace Longevity, good health and protection for your partner Finding a Suitable Life Partner We are offering two options: 1 day/3 pundit yagya $151 and 1 day/1 pundit yagya $75 on May 30, 2022 Registration is kindly requested by May 26th.

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We are pleased to announce two very special yagyas to inaugurate our pundits' new ashram in Chitrakoot, India The first yagya will be a yagya for Purification and Spiritual Awakening on the auspicious day of the holy river Ganga's birthday on June 9. The second yagya for Enlightenment and Transcendence on June 11 the special day of Gayatri Mantra's Birthday called Gayatri Jayanti. Both yagyas will be available as a package for the reduced sponsorship fee of $75 for individuals, $120 for couples and $175 for family of 4. Sign up and register online or email bpkendra@gmail.com. We hope that you can join!

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