About Vedic Pandits

Bhavana Pujan Kendra Center for Vedic Yagya and Jyotish was founded in 2007 to provide authentic Vedic Yagyas and Vedic Astrology consultations. Our yagyas are performed in our pundits’ ashrams in the holy cities of Ujjain and Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India.Ujjain is one of the four sacred cities of India.

About Our Vedic Astrologer/Jyotishi:

Vedic Astrology consultations are available several times a year from our expert, English-speaking Jyotishis: Pt. S. Joshi. and Pt. Gaurav Dwivedi. Both of our astrologers come from long family lines of learned astrologers.

About Our Vedic Pundits:

Our pundits are well trained up to the ancient and purest Vedic standards. They practice Transcendental Meditation and the required Vedic prayers (Sandhya) three times daily as per tradition.

About Our Service:

We use the highest quality ingredients-ghee, herbs, fruits, and flowers- in our yagyas. Our yagyas are monitored continuously throughout the day to ensure the highest quality performance. We have 121 pundits on our team.

What sets us apart:

You receive 25 photos as well as video clips of your yagya upon its completion.

We provide complimentary birthday yagyas to our regular sponsors.

Our guarantee that each and every yagya is performed with accuracy, devotion, and attention to strict Vedic standards.

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Participation in Our Yagya Programs Supports Programs for Widows & Children in India