Haritalika Teej Yagya is for women or men that would like to increase the possibility of finding a good life partner. The yagya can be also performed to bless a current relationship with happiness and harmony.

On this day it is traditionally believed that Lord Shiva accepted Parvati's proposal to become his wife. This is a special moment because up until that point, Lord Shiva was an avowed ascetic committed to celibate life. The energy on this day is especially conducive to perform yagya to find a life partner.

Your individual yagya will be performed by one pundit on September 9th from 8:30 PM to Sept. 10th, 5:30 AM Indian Standard Time.  

There will be four fire yagyas performed for you throughout the night. The yagya will be based on special Shiva and Parvati mantras including Shiva Mahimna Stotram, Shiva Parvati Lasyam, Shiva Parvati Abhishek and Archan , Bilva leaves Offering and Flowers offering. Please register online or reply to this email.

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