Mahalakshmi Deepavali Days Are Here!
Invitation to Join Group or Individual Wealth Yagyas
Nov. 1 - 30

Kanakadhara Great Wealth Individual Yagyas
1 Day/2 Pundits $151 on Nov. 4
3 Day/2 Pundits $225 on Nov. 2- 4
11 Pundit Group Lakshmi Wealth Yagya
1 Month Option Nov. 1 - 30
Indiv. $150 / Couple $175 / Family $250
2 Week Option Nov. 1 - 14
Indiv. $95 / Couple $125 / Family $150

Mahalakshmi Deepavali days are the divine days of the year when Mahalakshmi the Goddess of Abundance & Wealth is available to us all to grant material and spiritual blessings.

We have three levels of yagya available so everyone may join in this festival of light, grace and flowing wealth. The group yagya options of 1 month and 2 week are affordable and effective.

The Kanakadhara Great Wealth 1 and 3 Day Individual Yagya options offer a more powerful option than the group yagya. And the Mega Wealth Yagya options offer a royal way to invoke the flow of wealth into your life.

Online payment for the Group Mahalakshmi Yagya and the Kanakadhara 1 and 3 Day Individual Yagya options are available online. Please contact me at to register and pay for the Mega Wealth Yagya Options.

**Extra Special Mega Wealth Yagyas**

Siddha Mahalakshmi Mahanisha Midnight Wealth Yagya
11 Pundits/1 day yagya on Nov. 4 $1800

Ashtalakshmi Eight Forms of Lakshmi Wealth Yagya
8 pundits /11 day yagya from Nov. 4 to 14 $2400
Contact Marie at to register for either of these two special yagyas

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