Skanda Shasti Yagya
Dec. 9, 2021
Elimination of psychological fear
Increased physical and mental energy
Freedom from obstacles
Overall progress

Individual Yagya Options

1 Day/2 Pundit Yagya $150
3 Day/2 Pundit Yagya $225

We are happy to announce for the first time individual yagya opportunities on the yearly celebration of Skanda Shasti. Skanda Shasti is a powerful day devoted to Lord Shiva and Parvati's eldest son-Skanda. Skanda is also known by other names such as Kartikeya and Subramanyam.

Skanda is a powerful warrior/leader of the gods/laws of nature and has a special relationship with the planet Mars. He keeps balance in the universe with his great energy and power to overcome evil.

Yagya is performed on his day to enhance courage and confidence, increase mental and physical energy and to help eradicate psychological fear. The yagya is also helpful to support Mars in the chart.

For this special day we are offering 1 day and 3 day individual yagyas. Both options will be performed by two pundits. The one day option is $150 and the 3 day option is $225. Please register on line my clicking and making payment or reply to this email.

Thank you very much as always for supporting our yagya programs.

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