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Warm wishes and welcome to our website! As a prospective client of our vedic astrology and yagya services, I want to give you my promise of excellent service. I have been coordinating yagyas for clients around the world with our esteemed vedic astrologer and pundits for almost 15 years. I travel to meet with our pundit group in Madhya Pradesh, India regularly and we work together to provide high quality service like: vedic astrology consultation, Puja service programs etc..Read More

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Mahalakshmi Deepavali Days Are Here! Invitation to Join Group or Individual Wealth Yagyas Nov. 1 - 30 Kanakadhara Great Wealth Individual Yagyas 1 Day/2 Pundits $151 on Nov. 4 3 Day/2 Pundits $225 on Nov. 2- 4 AND 11 Pundit Group Lakshmi Wealth Yagya 1 Month Option Nov. 1 - 30 Indiv. $150 / Couple $175 / Family $250 2 Week Option Nov. 1 - 14 Indiv. $95 / Couple $125 / Family $150 Register Online **Extra Special Mega Wealth Yagyas** Siddha Mahalakshmi Mahanisha Midnight Wealth Yagya 11 Pundits/1 day yagya on Nov. 4 $1800 Ashtalakshmi Eight Forms of Lakshmi Wealth Yagya 8 pundits /11 day yagya from Nov. 4 to 14 $2400 Contact Marie at bpkendra@gmail.com to register for either of these two special yagyas

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